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From "Rahul Kohli" <>
Subject Error with Apache 1.x web servers while posting data from one HTML page to another HTML page
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2005 04:52:38 GMT

I have two HTML pages hosted on Apache 1.3.33 web server on Solaris. The
first HTML page have some text fields and a submit button. On clicking
the button this HTML page should posts the data to second HTML page.
This has been done by specifying path for the second HTML page in the
action attribute of the first HTML page.

For e.g.
<Form action="error.html" Name="Login" METHOD="POST>

But on clicking on the button I am getting error "The requested method
POST is not allowed for the URL /error.html"

This scenario works fine on Apache 2.x based web servers. Also it works
fine if I remove the "action" field from this "Form" tag.

Please let me know if there are some specific settings are required to
be done to make it work with Apache 1.x web servers.


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