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From "Wayne S. Frazee" <>
Subject Re: Puzzling News
Date Mon, 28 Feb 2005 21:09:55 GMT
William A. Rowe, Jr. writes: 

> I'd argue the opposite, we aren't refining 2.x sufficiently for folks to garner an advantage
over using 1.3.  It simply isn't more effective for them to use 2.0 (having tried both.)

William, I would have to agree.  Honestly, I have personally seen the 
business impetus to move to a 2.0 implementation only because of some of the 
new features in LDAP-related module offerings for the 2.0 platform.  If you 
are unable to use an alternative (read: "faster" or "higher-load-capable") 
MPM for your apache 2 installation, there is little justifiable business 
reason to upgrade to the 2.0 apache base for the average developer. 

Further, I would submit that there has been little movement in part because 
man of the hosting infrastructure systems that the average hosting provider 
uses are tied to the 1.3 apache version.  Upgrades of these systems will be 
very gradual indeed without some clear business case for the investment of 
time and associated capital resources to upgrade to the 2.x apache trees. 

MANY of the improvements in the 2.0 apache version are niche specific.  
Module developers, users of certain modules, users of applications relying 
on certain modules, and Implementors of new technology have been the primary 
drivers for use of the 2.0 version.  Without some real reasons to move to 
2.0 or 2.1... reasons which can be noticeably measured or compared... I dont 
see this situation changing much in the near future. 

A move to 2.0 or 2.1 will take place gradually over time, I think, once PHP 
can be used with some expectation of stability on a non-prefork-MPM.  Note: 
I am not insinuating PHP is not thread safe, but rather many of the elements 
it works with or relies on are not.  I also want to make it clear, I am not 
blaming the PHP community either. 

I think it is a broader based problem in that commercial projects such as 
company web server implementations and hosting infrastructure packages are 
just not seeing enough value in the move to 2.0 to justify the development 

Wayne S. Frazee

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