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From "Max Bowsher" <>
Subject [PATCH 33627] Bite-sized changes moving closer to a build on Cygwin - tiny patch!
Date Fri, 18 Feb 2005 00:28:02 GMT

I've bugzilla-ed a tiny patch - review would be appreciated!

Thanks very much,



This patch contains three independently-reviewable changes that do not
entirely fix the build on Cygwin, but do make important progress in that

* build/ Automagically append .exe - this is needed because
    libtool will not pass unknown options to an install program, so we
    are unable to use "-e .exe" in this case.

* build/ Like OS/2, on Cygwin we can't rename DLLs. Additionally,
    on Cygwin we need the .la files installed to allow DSOs built by other
    software packages to link against installed DSOs
     - e.g. mod_dav_svn -> mod_dav.
    So, disable the latter part of, just like on OS/2.

* modules/dav/fs/config6.m4: Cygwin is a DLL platform too. Add it to the
    list alongside OS/2. 

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