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From Sarat S <>
Subject Augmenting the Apache Web Server with Audit capability
Date Mon, 31 Jan 2005 22:20:20 GMT
I apologize if this topic is not relevant to this forum. Please direct
me to the suitable list.

I'm working on a project that aims at augmenting the Apache Web Server
with Audit capability compatible with an audit-enabled operating
system(Mac OS X,Free BSD etc).
1.Any suggestions and links to useful resources are welcome. 
2. Also which will be the best platform to build a prototype? 

3. I've looked at the Sun BSM format for audit data, anyone aware of
other good places to start?

4. My idea for an initial solution for auditing is to have a custom
library and loading using LD_PRELOAD variable. I'm a newbie so please
give your expert opinion on this.

Thanks for your time,

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