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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: FakeBasicAuth - a howto anywhere?
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2005 19:28:45 GMT
Dirk-Willem van Gulik wrote:

> is this on 1.3 or 2.0 ? And what is the order of the modules ? As we're
> using this in a couple of places - or do you also have a rewrite rule ?
> (e.g. trapping / like you do for a wiki).

It's on v2.1 trunk. I've tried it mod_authn_anon followed by ssl, then 
swapped it round - made no difference.

The config looks like this:

<Location /repos>
     DAV svn
     SVNParentPath /var/svn
     SSLOptions +FakeBasicAuth +StdEnvVars
     Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
     Order allow,deny
     Allow from all
     AuthName "Subversion"
     AuthType Basic
     AuthBasicProvider anon
     Anonymous "*"
     Require valid-user

There is no rewriting or forwarding, just the subversion module.

When mod_authn_anon runs above, it sees no username, and so sends a 403 
to the browser asking for one, causing a popup window to appear when it 
should not.


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