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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject [PATCH] Mod proxy not behaving as described in the documentation...
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2005 10:42:41 GMT
	going through the "mod_cache" documentation, i found out that it's either mis-documented,
or there's actually a small bug in the 2.0.52 (and earlier) code.


> Ordinarily, documents with no-cache or no-store header values will not
> be stored in the cache. The CacheIgnoreCacheControl directive allows
> this behavior to be overridden. CacheIgnoreCacheControl On tells the
> server to attempt to cache the document even if it contains no-cache
> or no-store header values. Documents requiring authorization will
> never be cached.

I would interpret this as defining that (for example) if mod_cache is used with mod_proxy,
and the output on the original server contains a "Cache-Control: private" value, then mod_cache
will ignore what was supplied by the original server and cache anyway.

Thing is that in the code, the CacheIgnoreCacheControl is _only_ used around line 113, where
we check if the client (not the original document) requires an uncached copy of the document.

The following patch changes the behavior and forces mod_cache to ignore original "documents"
(or mod-proxy request) when "Cache-Control: private" or "no-store" is present AND CacheIgnoreCacheControl
is "Off"...

Or should this directive be split into two (like "CacheIgnoreCacheControl" for the current
behaviour and "CacheIgnoreSourceCacheControl" for the below mentioned patch) and patch the
documentation as well???

As always, mod_cache is quite important for us at work, so I'm willing to invest some time
on it! :-P


diff -U3 -r httpd-2.0.52-original/modules/experimental/mod_cache.c httpd-2.0.52/modules/experimental/mod_cache.c
--- httpd-2.0.52-original/modules/experimental/mod_cache.c      2004-08-26 17:59:44.000000000
+++ httpd-2.0.52/modules/experimental/mod_cache.c       2005-01-13 10:26:44.076175720 +0000
@@ -471,13 +471,15 @@
        /* HEAD requests */
        reason = "HTTP HEAD request";
-    else if (ap_cache_liststr(NULL, cc_out, "no-store", NULL)) {
+    else if ((ap_cache_liststr(NULL, cc_out, "no-store", NULL))
+             && (conf->ignorecachecontrol == 0)) {
        /* RFC2616 14.9.2 Cache-Control: no-store response
         * indicating do not cache, or stop now if you are
         * trying to cache it */
        reason = "Cache-Control: no-store present";
-    else if (ap_cache_liststr(NULL, cc_out, "private", NULL)) {
+    else if ((ap_cache_liststr(NULL, cc_out, "private", NULL))
+             && (conf->ignorecachecontrol == 0)) {
        /* RFC2616 14.9.1 Cache-Control: private
         * this object is marked for this user's eyes only. Behave
         * as a tunnel.

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