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From "Bennett, Tony - CNF" <>
Subject RE: Auth LDAP ssl/tls differences
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2005 17:32:54 GMT
Regarding LDAP, Apache is a client which must adhere to how
the LDAP server is configured, be that a secure port (ldaps://)
or via an unsecure connection (ldap://) that can be upgraded with
a StartTLS.  It appears, from the OpenLdap perspective, that
use of ldaps:// is depricated in favor of StartTLS over ldap://.
See the following links on OpenLdap website:


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From: Brad Nicholes [] 
Sent: Thursday, January 06, 2005 8:13 AM
Subject: Re: Auth LDAP ssl/tls differences

   I guess I am still a little unclear on what the advantage is to using
ldap:// + start_tls  vs.  ldaps://.  The end result is the same except
that you have a secure connection to the LDAP server on 389 rather than
636.  Is that the only reason?  Administrators don't want to open a
dedicated SSL port to their LDAP server?  I thought that the advantage
of start_tls was to be able to initiate an unsecure long-lived
connection and then when required, converting it to a secure connection
for a period time and then possible back to unsecure again.  In other
words, the ability to bounce back and forward from an unsecure
connection to a secure connection.  

Since the ldap communication between the httpd server and the ldap
server is "basically" a single authorization request and response, there
is no point in which an initial unsecure connection can be converted to
a secure connection except when the connection is established initially.
 The connection is either entirely secure or not.  As far as util_ldap
is concerned, it seems like just another way of doing the same thing. 
If you want a secure connection to the LDAP server, just use ldaps://. 
Unless I am missing something, ldap:// + start_tls isn't really buying
you anything.

Something to think about - what about ldap connection caching?  Are the
ldap://+start_tls connections cached separately from ldap://  and
ldaps:// connections?   Or do they keep flip-flopping back and forth as
required by the http request?  If they keep flip-flopping, it seems like
a lot of overhead just to get a secure connection.  If they are cached
separately then we are just implementing another secure connection cache
when we already have one.

If I am completely missing the point, then please correct me.


>>> Tuesday, January 04, 2005 12:40 PM >>>
It seems that our support for ssl/tls with mod_ldap is considerably
confusing and frustrating for users.  The recent interest in fixing
support for the Solaris/Netscape/Mozilla library reminded me of the fact
that we need to finish thinking this through.

Fast summary for those less familiar; there are two SSL schemas for LDAP

 . Solaris/Netscape/Mozilla support is based on explicit SSLv3
   connection to the ldaps:// port, 636.

 . OpenLDAP supports ldaps://, it also supports STARTTLS
   protocol over port 389.  STARTTLS should not be invoked by
   the scheme ldaps:// (it's a semantic error - ldaps:// should
   not refer to an upgraded SSL connection, and would imply
   port 636 which is not correct for this protocol.)

The correct scheme/port for STARTTLS LDAP connections is ldap:// with
port 389 implicit.  We need a mechanism to clarify to mod_ldap that TLS
security is desired.

offers a solution which we should consider adopting.  As I was asking
for some offline feedback - Graham mentioned that some implementations
use the URL to specify that STARTTLS is desired.
But without some references the proposal seems to be a better option -
we shouldn't be redefining the ldap:// URI space.

Does anyone have any references to specifying STARTTLS as part of the
URI to the ldap server?  Any other comments on this patch before I
integrate into httpd-2.1?


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