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From Enrico Weigelt <>
Subject Re: RFC for a Perchild-like-MPM
Date Sun, 23 Jan 2005 13:58:08 GMT
* Nick Maynard <> wrote:

> Sorry to resurrect this thread, but IMHO (as someone who's an appalling 
> C developer), we really really need perchild or something like it to 
> work.  Having tried MetuxMPM (and got annoyed with its inability to deal 
> with SSL), I believe some serious work needs to be done here.

The problem is: SSL is *NOT* usable for virtual hosting. You need an 
separate socket for each SSL vhost, so you'll probably prefere 
several independent httpd's - maybe then stripped down w/o any vhost support.

> >- What are the other design considerations to doing 'perchild' the 
> >'right' way?
> My only consideration is this.  We are in the process of implementing a 
> per-UID bandwidth accounting setup on our hosts.  I think the process of 
> using the frontend to handle the socket would mean that all traffic 
> would go through this frontend process (and thus the UID owning it). 
> This would preclude our traffic measures from having any meaning.  Does 
> anyone have any thoughts on this?

Aehm, what exactly do you want to do ?

Measure users's consumed traffic ?  (-> logfile ?)
Measure users's consumed bandwidth ? (eh, does this make sense at all? )
Limit user's bandwidth ? (very complicated w/o proper kernel support)

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