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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: signals under worker mpm?
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2004 16:21:23 GMT
Thanks Jeff and Andy, here is the updated version:

Usage of signals outside the httpd core:

3rd party Apache 2 modules should avoid using code relying on signals. 
This is because typical signal use is not thread-safe and modules which
rely on signals may not work portably. Certain signals may still work for 
non-threaded mpms. For example alarm() can be used under prefork MPM, but 
it won't work on any other MPM. Moreover Apache can't guarantee that the 
signals that currently happen to work will continue to do so in the future 
Apache releases. So use them at your own risk.

It should be possible to rework the code using signals to use an 
alternative solution, which works under threads. For example if you were 
using alarm() to trap potentially long running I/O, you can modify the I/O 
logic for select/poll usage (or if you use APR I/O then set timeouts on 
the apr pipes or sockets). For example, Apache 1.3 on Unix made blocking 
I/O calls and relied on the parent process to send the SIGALRM signal to 
break it out of the I/O after a timeout expired.  With Apache 2.0, APR 
support for timeouts on I/O operations is used so that signals or other
thread-unsafe mechanisms are not necessary.

CPU timeout handling is another example. It can be accomplished by 
modifying the computation logic to explicitly check for the timeout at 


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