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From Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.C...@Golux.Com>
Subject [STATUS] (apache-1.3) Wed Dec 15 23:45:11 EST 2004
Date Thu, 16 Dec 2004 04:45:12 GMT
APACHE 1.3 STATUS:						-*-text-*-
  Last modified at [$Date: 2004/10/30 13:20:38 $]


   1.3.34-dev: In development.
   1.3.33: Tagged October 27, 2004
   1.3.32: Tagged October 18, 2004. Not formally released.
   1.3.31: Tagged May 7, 2004. Announced May 11, 2004.
   1.3.30: Tagged April 9, 2004. Not released.
   1.3.29: Tagged October 24, 2003. Announced Oct 29, 2003.
   1.3.28: Tagged July 16, 2003. Announced ??
   1.3.27: Tagged September 30, 2002. Announced Oct 3, 2002.
   1.3.26: Tagged June 18, 2002.
   1.3.25: Tagged June 17, 2002. Not released.
   1.3.24: Tagged Mar 21, 2002. Announced Mar 22, 2002.
   1.3.23: Tagged Jan 21, 2002.
   1.3.22: Tagged Oct 8, 2001.  Announced Oct 12, 2001.
   1.3.21: Not released.
             (Pulled for htdocs/manual config mismatch. t/r Oct 5, 2001)
   1.3.20: Tagged and rolled May 15, 2001. Announced May 21, 2001.
   1.3.19: Tagged and rolled Feb 26, 2001. Announced Mar 01, 2001.
   1.3.18: Tagged and rolled Not released.
             (Pulled because of an incorrect unescaping fix. t/r Feb 19, 2001)
   1.3.17: Tagged and rolled Jan 26, 2001. Announced Jan 29, 2001.
   1.3.16: Not released.
             (Pulled because of vhosting bug. t/r Jan 20, 2001)
   1.3.15: Not released.
             (Pulled due to CVS dumping core during the tagging when it
              reached src/os/win32/)
   1.3.14: Tagged and Rolled Oct 10, 2000.  Released/announced on the 13th.
   1.3.13: Not released.
             (Pulled in the "first minutes" due to a Netware build bug)
   1.3.12: Tagged and rolled Feb. 23, 2000. Released/announced on the 25th.
   1.3.11: Tagged and rolled Jan. 19, 2000. Released/announced on the 21st.
   1.3.10: Not released.
             (Pulled at "last minute" due to a build bug in the MPE port)
    1.3.9: Tagged and rolled on Aug. 16, 1999. Released and announced on 19th.
    1.3.8: Not released.
    1.3.7: Not released.
    1.3.6: Tagged and rolled on Mar. 22, 1999. Released and announced on 24th.
    1.3.5: Not released.
    1.3.4: Tagged and rolled on Jan. 9, 1999.  Released on 11th, announced on 12th.
    1.3.3: Tagged and rolled on Oct. 7, 1998.  Released on 9th, announced on 10th.
    1.3.2: Tagged and rolled on Sep. 21, 1998. Announced and released on 23rd.
    1.3.1: Tagged and rolled on July 19, 1998. Announced and released.
    1.3.0: Tagged and rolled on June 1, 1998.  Announced and released on the 6th.
    2.0  : Available for general use, see httpd-2.0 repository



   *) mod_log_config: Cleanup log_header_out function to allow multiple headers
      like Set-Cookie to be logged properly. PR 27787 
        modules/loggers/mod_log_config.c: r1.116 (2.x patch - need 1.3 version)
      jerenkrantz asks: Isn't this what apr_table_merge is for?
      nd replies: yep. But cookies won't be merged, because browsers don't
                  support it.
      jerenkrantz: Couldn't we copy the table and merge the values somehow?
                   This just seems like a lot of code to duplicate what we
                   have already.  *shrug*
      +1: nd, jerenkrantz
      -1: jim (until we see the 1.3 version)


   *  PR: 27023 Cookie could not delivered if the cookie made before
         proxy module.

   * isn't ap_die() broken with recognizing recursive errors
       Message-Id: <>
        +1: jeff, jim

   * Current vote on 3 PRs for inclusion:
      Bugz #17877 (passing chunked encoding thru proxy)
      (still checking if RFC compliant... vote is on the
       correctness of the patch code only).
        +1: jim, chuck, minfrin
      Bugz #9181 (Unable to set headers on non-2XX responses)
        +1: Martin, Jim
      Gnats #10246 (Add ProxyConnAllow directive)
        +0: Martin (or rather -.5, see dev@ Message

    * htpasswd.c and htdigest.c use tmpnam()... consider using
      mkstemp() when available.
        Message-ID: <>
    * Dean's "unescaping hell" (unescaping the various URI components
      at the right time and place, esp. unescaping the host name).
        Message-ID: <>

    * Martin observed a core dump because a ipaddr_chain struct contains
      a NULL-"server" pointer when being dereferenced by invoking "httpd -S".
        Message-ID: <>
        Status: Workaround enabled. Clean solution can come after 1.3.19

    * long pathnames with many components and no AllowOverride None
      Workaround is to define <Directory /> with AllowOverride None,
      which is something all sites should do in any case.
	Status: Marc was looking at it.  (Will asks 'wasn't this patched?')

    * Ronald Tschalär's patch to mod_proxy to allow other modules to
      set headers too (needed by mod_auth_digest)
        Message-ID: <>

Available Patches (Most likely, will be ported to 2.0 as appropriate):

   *  A rewrite of ap_unparse_uri_components() by Jeffrey W. Baker
     <> to more fully close some segfault potential.
        Message-ID: <Pine.LNX.4.21.0102102350060.6815-200000@desktop>
        Status:  Jim +1 (for 1.3.19), Martin +0

    * Andrew Ford's patch (1999/12/05) to add absolute times to mod_expires
	Message-ID: <>
	Status: Martin +1, Jim +1, Ken +1 (on concept)

    * Raymond S Brand's path to mod_autoindex to fix the header/readme
      include processing so the envariables are correct for the included
      documents.  (Actually, there are two variants in the patch message,
      for two different ways of doing it.)
	Message-ID: <>
	Status: Martin +1(concept)

    * Jayaram's patch (10/27/99) for bugfix to mod_autoindex
      IndexIgnore <file-extension> should hide the files with this file-
      extension in directory listings. This was NOT happening because the 
      total filename was being compared with the file-extension.
      Status: Martin +1(untested), Ken +1(untested)
    * Salvador Ortiz Garcia <>' patch to allow DirectoryIndex
      to refer to URIs for non-static resources.
	MID: <>
	Status: Ken +1 (on concept), Lars +1 (on concept)

    * Brian Havard's patch to remove dependency of mod_auth_dbm on mod_auth.
	Message-ID: <>
	Status: Lars +1 (on concept), Ken +1 (on concept),
                Martin +1(untested)

    * Aidan Cully's patch to allow assignment of 'ownership' of resources
      to either the server UID or the file's owner.
	Message-ID: <37306CB4.8EA9D76C@Golux.Com>
	Status: Ken +1, Dean +1, Randy +1, Lars +0, Jim +1

In progress:

Needs patch:

    * get_path_info bug; ap_get_remote_host should be ap_vformatter instead.
      See: <>

    * URI issues
	- RFC2068 requires a server to recognize its own IP addr(s) in
	dot notation, we do this fine if the user follows the
	dns-caveats documentation... we should handle it in the case
	the user doesn't ever supply a dot-notation address.

    * Problems dealing with .-rooted domain names such as "twinlark."
        versus "".  See the thread containing
	Message-ID: <> for more
	details.  In particular this affects the correctness of the
	proxy and the vhost mechanism.

    * proxy_*_canon routines use r->proxyreq incorrectly.  See

Open issues:

    * Should we provide a way to force CustomError responses past IE's
      'prettify-if-less-than-N-bytes' bogosity?

    * general/3787: SERVER_PORT is always 80 if client comes to any port
      => needs review by the protocol guys, I think.

    * All DBMs suffer from confusion in dbmmanage (perl script) since the
        dbmmanage creates in the first-matched dbm format.  This is not
        necessarily the library that Apache was built with.  Aught to
        rewrite dbmmanage with the proper library for clean administration.

    * Marc's socket options like source routing (kill them?)
	Marc, Martin say Yes

    * In ap_bclose() there's no test that (fb->fd != -1) -- so it's
      possible that it'll do something completely bogus when it's 
      used for read-only things. - Dean Gaudet

    * Roy's HTTP/1.1 Wishlist items:
        1) byte range error handling

    * use of spawnvp in uncompress_child in mod_mime_magic - doesn't
      use the new child_info structure, is this still safe?  Needs to be 
      looked at.

    * suexec doesn't understand argv parameters; e.g.

        <!--#exec cmd="./ls -l" -->

      fails even when "ls" is in the same directory because suexec is trying
      to stat a file called "ls -l".  A patch for this is available at

      and it's not bad except that it doesn't handle programs with spaces in
      the filename (think win32, or samba-mounted filesystems).  There are
      several PR's to this and I don't see for security reasons why we can't
      accomodate it, though it does add complexity to suexec.c.
      Accepting quoted executable names solves that issue, except that the
      exec cmd="" parsing needs to accept escaped quotes.
      PR #1120
      Brian: +1
        Status: Already resolved in Apache 2.0 - exec is defined as passing
                the cmd="" argument as argv[0], which means it is -only- the
                file name to execute (with spaces allowed in the name.)
Win32/Netware specific issues:

    * mod_rewrite's cache isn't threadsafe, needs a mutex on Win32/Netware
      (and OS/2?)

    * apparently either "BrowserMatch" or the "nokeepalive" variable
      cause instability - see PR#1729.

Binaries (1.3.33):

 Platform                      Avail.  Volunteer
 000964804C00-ibm-aix4.3       no      Bill Stoddard
 9000_715-hp-hpux11.00         no      Jeff Trawick
 9000_785-hp-hpux11.00         no      Cliff Woolley
 alpha-dec-osf3.0              no      Sameer Parekh
 alpha-dec-osf4.0              no      Lars Eilebrecht, Ken Coar,
                                       Randy Terbush
 alpha-whatever-linux2         no      Randy Terbush
 armv4l-whatever-linux2        no      Rasmus Lerdorf
 hppa1.1-hp-hpux-10.x          no      Rob Hartill, Randy Terbush
 i386-be-beos                  no      David Reid
 i386-dg-dgux5.4R2.01          no      Randy Terbush
 i386-siemens-sinix5.4         yes     Martin Kraemer
 i386-slackware-linux(a.out)   no      Sameer Parekh
 i386-sun-solaris2.5           no      Sameer Parekh
 i386-sun-solaris2.6           no      Randy Terbush
 i386-sun-solaris2.7           no      Cliff Skolnick
 i386-sun-solaris2.8           no      Aaron Bannert
 i386-unixware-svr4            no      Sameer Parekh, Randy Terbush
 i386-unknown-linux(ELF)       no      Aram Mirzadeh, Michael Douglass
 i386-unknown-netBSD-1.3.2     no      Lars Eilebrecht, Randy Terbush
 i386-unknown-sco3             no      Ben Laurie
 i386-unknown-sco5             no      Ben Laurie
 i386-whatever-bsdi            no      David Reid
 i386-whatever-freebsd3.0      no      Dirk-Willem van Gulik
 i386-whatever-freebsd3.3      no      Ask Bjoern Hansen
 i386-whatever-freebsd4.0      no      Ask Bjoern Hansen
 i386-whatever-freebsd4.6      no      Aaron Bannert
 i586-unknown-linux2           no      Ralf S. Engelschall,
                                       Lars Eilebrecht, Randy Terbush
 i686-pc-freebsd3.1            no      Ralf S. Engelschall
 i686-unknown-linux2           no      Lars Eilebrecht
 i686-whatever-cygwin          no      Stipe Tolj
 i686-whatever-linux2          no      Ken Coar, Randy Terbush
 i686-whatever-linux22         yes     Aaron Bannert, Graham Leggett
 ia64-whatever-linux22         no      Martin Kraemer
 ia64-hp-hpux11.20             no      Cliff Woolley
 m68k-apple-aux3.1.1           no      Jim Jagielski
 m88k-dg-dgux5.4R2.01          no      Sameer parekh
 m88k-next-next                no      Rob Hartill
 mips-dec-ultrix4.4            no      Sameer Parekh
 mips-sgi-irix5.3              no      Mark Imbrianco, Randy Terbush
 mips-sgi-irix6.2              no      Lars Eilebrecht, Randy Terbush
 mips-sgi-irix6.4              no      Lars Eilebrecht
 mips-siemens-reliantunix5.4   yes     Martin Kraemer
 mips-unknown-linux            no      Lars Eilebrecht
 netware                       yes     Brad Nicholes <>
 OS/2                          yes     Brian Havard
 OS/390-09.00-02               no                     
 powerpc+i386-apple-darwin1.2  no      Wilfredo Sanchez
 powerpc-apple-rhapsody5.5     no      Wilfredo Sanchez
 powerpc-apple-darwin5.5       no      Aaron Bannert
 powerpc-apple-darwin7.0.0     no      Jim Jagielski
 ppc-whatever-linux22          yes     Graham Leggett
 rs6000-ibm-aix3.2.5           no      Sameer Parekh
 rs6000-ibm-aix4.1             no      Lars Eilebrecht
 rs6000-ibm-aix4.3.x           no      Bill Stoddard, Randy Terbush
 sparc-sun-solaris2.5          no      Lars Eilebrecht, Randy Terbush
 sparc-sun-solaris2.6          no      Lars Eilebrecht
 sparc-sun-solaris2.7          no      Cliff Skolnick
 sparc-sun-solaris2.8          no      Jim Jagielski
 sparc-sun-sunos4.1.3_U1       no      Sameer Parekh
 sparc-unknown-linux           no      Lars Eilebrecht, Randy Terbush
 sun4u-sun-solaris2.280        no      Jeff Trawick
 TPF                           no      David McCreedy, Carolyn Weiss
 win32                         no      William Rowe
 x86-bsdos-3.x                 no      Randy Terbush
 x86-bsdos-4.x                 no      Randy Terbush
 x86-openbsd-2.x               no      Randy Terbush
 x86-qnx-4.x                   no      Randy Terbush
 x86_64-whatever-linux22       no      Aaron Bannert

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