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From Enrico Weigelt <>
Subject Re: WebDAV and reading / writing files as system users
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2004 19:41:29 GMT
* Graham Leggett <> wrote:


> I am busy researching the idea of an Apache + DAV server that would do 
> the job of what a typical Samba server does now - file sharing. An 
> Apache server would have the advantage of native SSL support, flexible 
> authentication configuration, etc.

If you just want I fileserver, you'll probably like to have a look
at Coda or Intermezzo. They both support strong authentication, 
clustering and replication. 

And if commercial stuff is an option, Novell Netware also does a good job.

> The perchild mpm seems to be the closest thing to what I am looking for, 
> but the manual warns that it is not functional. Is this still the case?
Perchild doesn't really work - its conceptionally insecure. 
(users can ptrace their processes and so can - with a given chance - 
catch also other people's requests)

You're probably interested in

We currently only work based on vhost-name, not yet on auth-credentials, 
but this is planned. 

There're some issues to think about, ie. we must ensure that mod_auth
gets in before we fetch the request in the multiplexer *or* we have
to do authentication by ourselves.

We've got similar problems with SSL by the way ...

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