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From Enrico Weigelt <>
Subject Re: yet another autoconf torture
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2004 18:17:24 GMT
* Joe Orton <> wrote:

> It is possible to support cross compilation with autoconf-based build
> systems.  configure supports this by use of cache variables; standard
> practice is to build up a "" file with the correct test
> results for the target (e.g. "ac_cv_func_setpgrp_void=yes"), and set
> CONFIG_SITE to point at that file.  More work may be needed on the
> configure scripts to use AC_CACHE_CHECK appropriately.
Ah, do I have to patch anything for that or does it run out of the box ?

I had exactly the same problem with openssl. I fixed it by simply 
pulling off several checks (ie the file-exist-checks simply refused 
to work in crosscompile mode) and recreated configure. The tests I 
removed were meaningless for my platforms nevertheless. 

But the problem is another point: autoconf is not really made for 
crosscompiling. the support for different tool commands and the so called
"crosscompile support" (simply disable a bunch of checks or refuse to
work when it doesnt know what to do now) is just an ugly hack, neither
are sysroot builds supported in any way.

To get a really reliable solution for that, we need an new, well designed
universal toolchain frontend. this of course could also be shipped with
apache for a while (-> "vendor branch" ... grrmpf).

> But the Makefiles still won't work since they have no separate of host
> and target $CC etc, yet need to build and run executables on the host
> system in several places.  So there is definitely more work needed
> there.
I'm passing my crosstoolchain commands (CC,LD, ...). But this only
works as long as the package doesnt bring its own host-side-tools. 

We need at least an *clear* distinction between host und and target

These are all questions for the unitool, which I already announced
here. For those who dont remember:

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