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From "Leif W" <>
Subject [PATCH] Two simple patches for 2.0.52, suexec.c and SSLPassPhraseDialog
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2004 17:16:20 GMT
Hello again.  Just hoping to get two simple patches reviewed, tested and
applied.  Please take the time if you can.  Each patch changes 3-5 lines
or so, and I don't think either will break anything.  I've included
links to the bug report, patch and original mail to this list.  I've
just checked, and both bugs exist in Apache httpd 2.0.52 and 2.1 (SVN
trunk), and the patch should apply cleanly to both 2.0 and 2.1.  It
really is that simple, and fixes two small and annoying things.  :)

* Summary: suexec never log a group name.

  BUG 7862

  PATCH 13429


  NOTE: previous mail had the correct subject line but mislabelled
        summary: SSLPassPhraseDialog ...)

* Summary: SSLPassPhraseDialog exec: always default port in argv

  BUG 24331

  PATCH 13453


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