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From Ivan Ristic <>
Subject Re: Re: RFC for a Perchild-like-MPM
Date Fri, 26 Nov 2004 10:05:43 GMT
Which reading part? I am not in a position to test right now but
I think FastCGI never even required a file to exist on the local
system, provided a proper handler was assigned to the request.
But even if it does it's an implementation issue of
mod_fastcgi, as FastCGI is just a data exchange protocol.


----- Original Message -----
Subject: Re: RFC for a Perchild-like-MPM
From: Gustavo A. Baratto <>
To: <>
Date: 26-11-2004 3:18

> > I think the only part missing right now is the ability to compile
>  > Apache to function as a FastCGI client, and accept requests over
>  > FastCGI instead of HTTP. That can be a full version of Apache,
>  > or a slimmed-down version (e.g. with no input/output filters).
> It is a great idea use FastCGI's process manager to spawn httpd processes.
> FastCGI as it is now is ok when we need to execute stuff with another UID 
> other than the webserver's.... But it doesn't address the reading part, 
> which still have to be done by 'www' user... and this is a major problem.

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