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From Branko ─îibej <>
Subject Re: More informative SVN subject line (Re: svn commit: r76284 - apr/apr/trunk)
Date Sun, 21 Nov 2004 19:18:05 GMT
Brad Nicholes wrote:

>  I understand about the revision numbers and I agree that it is an
>important piece of information, but unnecessary on the subject line. 
>The subject line needs to include information that allows one to quickly
>sort and prioritize the commits.  IMHO, the revision number isn't a
>piece of information that helps do that.  Once I have determined that
>the commit is important enough for me to review, I will certainly open
>and view the contents of the message.  After I have reviewed the commit
>via the message contents and determined that further review is
>necessary, that is the point when the revision number becomes *very*
Hm. So would you then remember to add the revision number to the subject 
line in replies? In my experience, the revision number aids visual 
threading, whereas the list of changed files is mostly just junk once a 
conversation about a particular commit gets started.

>  As far as the "svn commit:" prefix is concerned, it was
>redundant information before and I believe that it is still redundant
>information.  Perhaps "svn:" is all that would be required so that when
>a commit message is replied to on the dev@ lists, it is distinguished
>from other posts.
There's "svn commit:" and "svn propchange:", so the "commit" isn't quite 
redundant. I suppose "svn:" and "svn propchange:" are different enough, 
though, especially as there will (hopefully) be many more commits than 

-- Brane

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