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From Bill Stoddard <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] remove ap_sock_disable_nagle() API; improve httpd's handling of nagle errors
Date Wed, 03 Nov 2004 18:46:40 GMT
Jeff Trawick wrote:

> At best, ap_sock_disable_nagle() is of limited use (just call
> apr_socket_option_set and log if it fails), and at worst it hides
> information (no retcode) and has no information to know
> when/where/what to log.  So yank it.

> Also:
> Change httpd so that a connection-oriented nagle error (typically
> EINVAL which means that client already dropped connection) is logged
> with the client IP address and a debug log level.
> We filter out not-implemented errors from platforms which don't
> support TCP_NODELAY, but it is APR's job to tell us that rather than
> trying to figure that out ourself.
> Change httpd so that if we're disabling nagle on the listening socket
> (so APR won't have to disable it on connected sockets), we consider it
> a shooting offense if it fails.
> perchild is expected to work as before after this change.

+1 all the way around. Please remove the "BillS says..." comment. Got what I was looking for
with the 
introduction of the APR_TCP_NODELAY_INHERITED option.


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