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From Greg Ames <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] pipelining bug in Event MPM
Date Mon, 01 Nov 2004 23:06:36 GMT
Justin Erenkrantz wrote:

>> I was able to easily create a browser hang by configuring Mozilla to
>> enable HTTP    pipelining, then pointing my DocumentRoot at an old copy
>> of the web site which had tons of imbedded graphics.
>> Thanks, Justin, for pointing out the bug.
> I'm sure you *really* want to thank me for pointing this out.  ;-)

Actually I am, because I'm pretty pleased with what Bill S, Paul & I have done 
already.  Fixing this bug makes it more stable.

> Okay.  I'd be curious to figure out what's going on with the speculative 
> non-blocking reads.  I think that's the conceptually right solution (or 
> as close as we can do today), but I'm almost positive there is going to 
> be something that barf on it - so we'd have to fix some stuff.  So, I'm 
> not shocked that it doesn't quite work...

The odd behavior with speculative reads is due to API differences that I didn't 
take into account.  EATCRLF returns APR_EOF when there is no input; SPECULATIVE 
returns APR_SUCCESS and (presumably) an empty brigade.  So the pipeline didn't 
get flushed when it should and the connection tied up a worker thread until 
read_request_line timed out.  It shouldn't be difficult to patch when I get a 
little time (the hard part).

Glancing at core_input_filter, it wasn't clear how SPECULATIVE was going to be 
an improvement.  I saw socket bucket reads in my test environment (no mod_ssl) 
with both modes.

> I think Paul's already posted a patch that folds it in.  But, it still 
> uses EATCRLF.
> Given the timeframe and the fact that my schedule just sucks for the 
> next two weeks, is there enough interest (and presence) to discuss this 
> at the Hackathon next weekend in LV?  

wish I could be there physically, but I can't :(  Maybe IRC?


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