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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject Re: Web site translation
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2004 07:54:52 GMT
--On Tuesday, November 30, 2004 8:25 AM +0100 André Malo <> wrote:

> Most developers are bad in writing documentation with either system. The
> only thing the current system brought, were inconsistencies. Look at the
> site. It's ugly, it's inconsistent, there are a lot of different styles on
> every corner. Actually, I don't think, that it's going to be worse if we do
> anything.

If converting it to XSLT will convince more people to update the content, than 
great.  If it'll prohibit contributions, than I don't know if it's worth it.

By and large, I think the core developers are the ones who place most of the 
content on the website - not the documentation group.  Perhaps that could 
change...but I think the httpd docs group as a whole have historically paid 
little attention to our web content.

Honestly, I'd strongly prefer that any efforts on the website focus on content 
not style first.  Converting it to XSLT bores me as it doesn't solve any real 
problems we have.  I believe our more pressing problem is that we have lots 
and lots of outdated information on there that we need to clean up and fix. 
So, IMHO, any effort towards refreshing the look should also focus on updating 
content.  And, not updating the English version *first* makes the translators' 
job more difficult as they'd be translating useless content that'd be thrown 
out later as people clean up the English versions.

> Said that; of course we'll try to keep the process as close as possible to
> the current one, it's of our all interest ;-). But if we can make things
> better, we *need* to change stuff. Which is a good thing [TM], simply
> because the current site is *really* ancient.

I take it you either have blocked out what was on there previous to the Anakia 
version or forgotten.  =)  *I* think it's rather 'new.'  But, I guess I'm 
starting to be an old greybeard around here.  Oh no!  (/me recoils from the 
folks who still consider me a clueless newbie.)  -- justin

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