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From Greg Stein <>
Subject mod_comment (was: svn commit: r106879 ...)
Date Mon, 29 Nov 2004 15:10:04 GMT
On Mon, Nov 29, 2004 at 09:44:14AM -0500, Rici Lake wrote:
> Just out of curiousity, what do people think is wrong with the
> <Comment> directive implemented by this micro-module:

That module uses a feature of the configuration parser that should be
removed. The capability of code external to the config parser "taking
over" the reading/parsing of the config file severely limits the
revamping of the config system in httpd.

A couple years ago, Ryan and I dove in to redo the config parsing. The
idea was to parse everything into an internal structure, and "run
through" that structure calling out to the various modules to perform
the directives. The idea was to have different front-ends be able to
put together that structure (e.g. parse from xml, load from a db).

The problem is that certain third-party modules used that "take over
reading" feature, which completely messed up a lot of where we were
going. We couldn't move the API in certain directions, we had to
limit certain kinds of changes, etc etc. It was way depressing. Even
worse was that we felt we couldn't just say "screw those modules" as
the primary user was the ever-present super-invasive mod_perl module.
That damned module sticks its fingers into too many places of httpd
and takes too many liberties. It's a pain in the ass, but that's
another story.

So no... I don't like mod_comment. It uses a feature that I dearly
wish to see removed from httpd.


Greg Stein,

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