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From Christian Parpart <>
Subject Re: mod_rewrite functional patch
Date Fri, 19 Nov 2004 22:30:48 GMT
On Friday 19 November 2004 10:36 pm, André Malo wrote:
> * Christian Parpart <> wrote:
> > I recently installed MediaWiki [1] (as used and developed on/by
> > WikiPedia [2]). This wiki software allows an intuitive use of URLs
> > as long as the host admin has patched his apache to allow the
> > proper rewrite rules [3].
> >
> > As Gentoo is about to support this software, we cannot expect every
> > host admin to patch their installed apache software by hand (not
> > everyone knows how to do this).
> > MediaWiki officially provides a patch for apache 1.3.x. Since the
> > development goes towards 2.0 (and 2.1) I adapted the patch to 2.0 [4].
> Actually you don't need to patch httpd-2.0 for *that*. You can write a
> small module, which registers the mapper function at runtime.

This is a way to much overhead, just for this function, isn't it?

> I can help 
> you, if you like 

that would be great. (see below)

> (I'm a happy Gentoo user, though I'm naturally using my 
> own httpd ebuild ;-))

*heh*... however, it's not really nice (personally) to read, that you're using 
your own ebuild. I hope the next ebuild updates in future (mid december) will 
change your mind ;-)

> However, I think, the map is way too special for common inclusion. A better
> way would be to provide a general replace map (starting with 2.1, I'd
> suggest). For 2.0 releases the small support module should be enough. How
> does this sound?

That replace map sounds great to me. this would fill the requirements for 
MediaWiki (easily) and could be use for more general purposes as well.

However, I fear a bit for the syntax to be used in httpd.conf then since I'm 
not that creative ATM.

I submitted a patch in [1] just before I read your mail. I'm willing to spend 
some time tonight to write that module - but I'll maybe need some help 
anyway. lets see.

Christian Parpart.

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