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From Christian Parpart <>
Subject mod_rewrite functional patch
Date Fri, 19 Nov 2004 21:04:19 GMT

I recently installed MediaWiki [1] (as used and developed on/by 
WikiPedia [2]). This wiki software allows an intuitive use of URLs
as long as the host admin has patched his apache to allow the
proper rewrite rules [3].

As Gentoo is about to support this software, we cannot expect every 
host admin to patch their installed apache software by hand (not 
everyone knows how to do this).
MediaWiki officially provides a patch for apache 1.3.x. Since the 
development goes towards 2.0 (and 2.1) I adapted the patch to 2.0 [4].

I actually put this patch to our patchset of apache 2.0 wich will be soon 
available to the main users. However, keeping track on patches each new 
release makes no fun at all, also, this new functionality introduced by 
MediaWiki to mod_rewrite is a general purpose function. Though, I'd like
to request you to commit this patch [4] to HEAD, so, that it can be available 
by upstream from apache 2.1 and later.

Best Regards,
Christian Parpart.

p.s.: that patch is just about 50 lines, it's trivial and shouldn't make any 
problems though.


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