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From Joe Orton <>
Subject Re: PCRE in 2.1/2.2
Date Wed, 17 Nov 2004 19:24:02 GMT
On Wed, Nov 17, 2004 at 10:34:41AM -0800, Paul Querna wrote:
> Is there any reason to keep libpcre in the httpd tree?

untar && configure && make must "just work" on any random Unix system.

> I believe we should use the PCRE installed on the system.  If its not on 
> the system, the user can install it.  There are several bugs from 3rd 
> party modules that also try to use pcre, and get conflicting symbols 
> because of the version embedded within apache 2.0.

Those are bugs which can be fixed by optionally using an external PCRE
library (configure --with-pcre) and/or properly namespacing the symbols
defined by the bundled copy of PCRE.  Removing the bundled PCRE is not
necessary to that goal or otherwise desirable, though.


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