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From André Malo>
Subject Re: [PATCH] CAN-2004-0942 fix
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2004 22:36:34 GMT
* Joe Orton <> wrote:

> describes a memory consumption DoS against 2.0, which has been assigned
> CVE CAN-2004-0942; in the case given, ap_rgetline_core will allocate
> approx N * 3 bytes to hold the line, but then trim all but one byte of
> trailing whitespace, so the field length limit is not correctly
> enforced.
> The simplest fix is to move the trailing-whitespace-trimming logic out
> of ap_rgetline_core into ap_get_mime_headers_core, patch below does that
> and also simplifies the over-complicated logic for stripping LWS between
> field-name and colon.
> Looking at the other places where ap_rgetline is used: in the proxy,
> ap_proxy_read_headers already strips trailing whitespace, it doesn't
> really matter to ap_proxy_http_process_response whether trailing
> whitespace is stripped on the status-line.
> In protocol.c, read_request_line will use the sscanf path rather than
> the fast-path to handle status-lines with trailing whitespace, which is 
> OK too.

+1 to the solution and the patch (Reviewed and tested).

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