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From "Brad Nicholes" <>
Subject Re: Adding a new user DN cache to authnz_ldap...
Date Fri, 29 Oct 2004 21:03:54 GMT
  Since the checkuserid cache does not allow NULL or blank passwords
today and its purpose is for authentication, I'm just not completely
comfortable allowing another function whose purpose it is to simply
lookup user DN's to insert NULL or blank password entries.  It seems
like it would potentially open up holes where there wasn't a problem
before.  Adding a separate cache would just eliminate any potential


>>> Jari Ahonen <> Friday, October 29, 2004 2:51:47 PM
Brad Nicholes wrote:
> I see your point about the req structure being tied to closely to 
> authentication phase so that authorization will not work without it.

> Now I understand the need for util_ldap_cache_getuserdn() which is 
> the real patch that needs to be added.  In other words, the relevant

> bug is actually 28253 not 31898.

In a way they are both relevant because applying the changes
needed for 28253 will cause the behaviour in 31898.

> The question now is should the same search cache used by
> util_ldap_cache_checkuserid() also be referenced in
> util_ldap_cache_getuserdn().  I guess it could be, but I am thinking
> that even though some user DN's might be stored in two different
> caches, it would be safer to create a new cache just for user DN's.

I think the same search cache should be used. To me it makes no
sense to have two caches with more or less the same data in them.
Having a record in search cache with bindpw=NULL should be a
good enough indicator that the particular record has not
been through password verification (In fact the commets in
util_ldap_cache.h suggest this might have been planned at some
point). It is easy enough to check if bindpw exists in a cache
record in util_ldap_cache_checkuserid() to prevent access with
blank passwords. And a cache record created by
util_ldap_cache_checkuserid() can be used with
util_ldap_cache_getuserdn() since that function does not need
to care about passwords.

I have had a server running with this kind of setup for quite
a while now, it was just that the shared cache changes done
in 2.0.52 added the extra check that started to crash my server
when util_ldap_cache_checkuserid() tries to strcmp() that NULL

- Jari

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