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From Gurpreet Grewal <>
Subject OpenSSL with Security Processor
Date Thu, 21 Oct 2004 23:01:01 GMT
I know this might not be the best forum to do this posting. But I am
facing this problem since a long time now. When I am trying to use the
OpenSSL (0.9.7d to be precise) with the BraodCom BCM5823 card. I tried
running the following two commands-
      openssl des3  -in inputfile  -out outputfile -engine ubsec
      openssl des3  -in inputfile  -out outputfile

Ideally the first command should take less time/less main CPU coz it
should be using the SSL processor. But they take almost the same
amount of time/main CPU.

Any clues where in the OpenSSL code I should be looking for ensuring
that SSL card is actually being used for processing? Looking into
didn't help much?

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