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From Nathanael Noblet <>
Subject POST data input filter questions.
Date Thu, 21 Oct 2004 17:15:09 GMT
	I apologize in advance if I'm in the wrong place. I have searched 
through the documentation provided through and the 2.0 
(doxygen) API. Plus many of the examples. I'm interested in 
implementing a module. I realize that this isn't the best place to ask, 
but the modules list bounced? I couldn't subscribe following the 
instructions at for module 
development, as well as the fact that the modules archive's last post 
was in early 2005?

	I have a module as a handler that works as expected. The handler needs 
to deal with POST data, which from my reading, means I need an input 
filter. Which is fine, I can see how to set that up as well. Where I 
get lost is, how does my handler get the POST data that I'd read using 
my input filter? I assume it has to do with the context structure that 
each module defines for itself. What I don't understand is where/how 
this structure gets passed around. How would I access that structure 
from my handler? If this is the wrong place to ask, and there is a 
better place other then the defunc modules list, I am more then willing 
to go there. Or if there is a document that explains this part of the 
Apache input path, that would be great. I even looked through the PHP 
source to see if I could figure it out. And though I can see that they 
have a function for reading post data, I don't see exactly how that 
gets back to the handler or back to the output stream handling...

Nathanael D. Noblet
Gnat Solutions
204 - 131 Gorge Road E
Victoria, BC V9A 1L1

T/F 250.385.4613

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