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From Greg Ames <>
Subject [PATCH] pipelining bug in Event MPM
Date Thu, 28 Oct 2004 18:54:23 GMT
I was able to easily create a browser hang by configuring Mozilla to enable HTTP 
   pipelining, then pointing my DocumentRoot at an old copy of the web site which had tons of imbedded graphics.  Thanks, Justin, 
for pointing out the bug.

The attached patch fixes it when there are no connection filters such as mod_ssl 
involved.  When I switch to the version of the patch that does speculative 
reads, it behaves oddly.  With pipelining, the last couple of .gifs aren't 
displayed until something times out.  Without pipelining nearly all the .gifs 
are delayed.  In gdb, it looks like it's not properly detecting when the input 
filters become empty.  I'm going to investigate further but need to take care of 
some day job stuff first.

Paul, my apologies, this is against my version of the patch.  I plan to switch 
over to yours after figuring out what's happening with the speculative reads.


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