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From NormW <>
Subject Re: Mod_Proxy Counting Bug(s)?
Date Tue, 19 Oct 2004 08:25:17 GMT
Mladen Turk wrote:
> NormW wrote:
>>> Well It's not a bug since It's not finished :).
>> Not finished? Not a bug then, as you suggest!
> I meant: the received/transferred counting logic is not
> finished, and I doubt if it's worth to be finished after all.
>> At least as far as I can see with proxy_ajp, this is about its only 
>> 'issue' I've found, so I thought it was near enough to being finished.
> Well that's excellent. Glad that it works on Netware too.
> Regards,
> MT.
Greetings again,
Some testing of proxy_http found the 'Acc' and 'Rd' counters were 
producing counts consistent with what could be found in the network packets.
The 'Wr' counter was showing (approximately) twice the 'visible' amount 
in the packets forwarded to the Apache server. A check of proxy_http.c 
source showed the following at lines 488-490:

     if (transfered != -1)
         conn->worker->s->transfered += transfered;
     conn->worker->s->transfered += transfered;

which seems an 'anomoly'...?

I also noticed a difference between proxy_ajp and proxy_http that might 
not be intentional, but will mention that in a separate post.

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