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From NormW <>
Subject Mod_Proxy Counting Bug(s)?
Date Mon, 18 Oct 2004 08:53:34 GMT
Greetings All,

I set up an Apache21 server with mod_proxy, and one proxy_ajp to a 
single Tomcat on a separate machine, so that I could capture the network 
packets. (The generated trace is available if required.)

I first confirmed the balancer stats on /server-status were showing Acc, 
Wr and Rd as all zero.
I accessed a single (html) page from Tomcat (roughly 11k) that included 
two gif images (also about 11k in total).

Refreshing the /server-status page showed:
Acc  3,
Wr   0,
Rd   0.

I assume the 'Acc' count is correct but 'Wr' and 'Rd' are (most likely) 
incorrect. This was done using a CVS build of 2.1 httpd on NetWare.

If someone could confirm this is a 'bug', and indicate wether the counts 
should include the AJP protocol overheads, I'll see what I can come up 
with by way of a patch... unless someone else fixes it first (if that's 
needed).  :-)

On a semi-related matter, the data sent to the Tomcat is summed in a 
variable called 'transfered' and that received from Tomcat in 'readed'. 
Not withstanding the vagaries of English and that 'transferred' is a 
more technically correct spelling, could 'readed' be changed to 
something more like 'received' or 'returned' please?


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