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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: [RFC] Patch for mod_log_config to allow conditioning on status code
Date Sun, 17 Oct 2004 01:38:53 GMT

>    For a start I'd like to invite comments on a) the concept and b) the
> syntax.

this sounds interesting in general, although I find myself wondering about a
different approach - expanding SetEnvIf to include response-type things
(like status, content-type, etc) in addition to request-type things.
really, the combination of CustomLog and SetEnvIf should be sufficient for
this kind of thing, provided you can access the needed information from the
request_rec and populate subprocess_env.  indeed you could write a simple
log handler of your own that examines r->status and populates
r->subprocess_env accordingly, then still allow mod_log_config to do the
logging with no patch to core required, but I suppose the point here is to
have a way to do this solely from core :)

>    If these are acceptable, I would prepare and submit the patch itself
> so you can judge the code.

in line with the other suggestions in this thread, I would suggest
submitting a patch against 2.1 (httpd-2.0 cvs HEAD) following the
appropriate style guidelines.  I, at least, promise to review it and
shepherd it through the process, wherever that may lead it.


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