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From Brian Akins <>
Subject Re: buffered logs + piped logs
Date Thu, 14 Oct 2004 18:03:06 GMT
Joe Orton wrote:

> Speculation: the buffer is being flushed, but the piped logger is
> SIGTERMed already just like the restart case, per PR 26467?

Perhaps.  Any progress on that?

My performance drops when I disable buffered logs, and I would like to 
be able to do piped logs.  I modified rotatelogs to use a buffer similar 
to buffered logs in mod_log_config.c.  It registers a sigterm handler to 
flush the log.

I would like to be able to have "external" logging, so I can rotate with 
out a restart.  I would also like to still be able to do graceful 
restarts.  I thought about using unix domain sockets.  I didn't want to 
replicate someone else's work.  I couldn't find anything on google.  Any 
suggestions (doen's have to use unix sockets)?

Brian Akins
Lead Systems Engineer
CNN Internet Technologies

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