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From (Rüdiger Plüm)
Subject Re: Permissions of directories created by mod_disk_cache
Date Tue, 05 Oct 2004 19:44:10 GMT

Andreas Steinmetz wrote:
> Jeff Trawick wrote:


>> Your umask setting can further restrict the permissions specified by
>> Apache, but it cannot be used to make the permissions more liberal.
>> What permissions do you suggest for the directories?
> If mod_disk_cache still stores authentication credentials (I didn't 
> check for a while) on disk I'd strongly suggest to keep 700.

I does not do any longer. mod_cache refuses to cache documents that require
authorization. I think this is also an RFC requirement (Justin, correct?).
BTW: The .headers file which would contain the authorization header is already
created with more liberal permission (I think 666 if the umask is set to 000).

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