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From Geoff Thorpe <>
Subject Re: Apache with Security Processor - Interesting
Date Thu, 21 Oct 2004 00:10:53 GMT
On October 20, 2004 02:44 am, Madhusudan Mathihalli wrote:
> If ppl think it'll be a good addition to Apache, I can clean it up and
> try to commit it sometime tomorrow.

Did the control-command support ever make it into a cvs-worthy form? 
That's a far more general way to squash this issue. I could understand 
that you might want the single-line configuration semantics to be a bit 
smarter by default too, but I think that if you're going to this trouble, 
it would make sense to also expose engine control-commands to the 
configuration to let users do this sort of cleverness directly (and in 
any other ways they come up with without needing the code changed). Let 
me know if this isn't already in CVS because I had a diff floating around 
somewhere that did this.

Geoff Thorpe

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