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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject new config organization for 2.1
Date Fri, 24 Sep 2004 17:12:30 GMT
A straw-man proposal for a new config organization is at

What I've tried to do:

- Strip httpd.conf to only the config directives that almost everyone 
needs to worry about.

- Put everything else in an extra/ directory, with commented-out Include 
directives at the bottom of httpd.conf.

Some notes:

- This assumes that we have reasonable defaults for things like the 
mpm-related directives, since they will not be included by default in 

- The "It works" page would not work here, because none the international 
stuff is in the default config.  I consider this an advantage.  The "It 
works" page should be scaled back to a one-file one-liner (perhaps 
literally, <html><body><h1>It Worked!</h1></body></html>).

- I've removed the <IfModule> directives for two modules: mod_mime and 
mod_dir.  These are essentially mandatory modules.  Anyone who decides not 
to use them better know enough to change their config.  Many other 
<IfModule> directives become unnecessary because the configs are not 
active by default anymore.

- I'm still not a huge fan of the multiple-config-file setup.  But at 
least this way, there is only one file active by default.  Since user 
action is required to add other files, they should at least have some idea 
what is going on.

- Obviously this is a just a quick sketch.  It will require lots of 
comment changes and fine-tuning if we want to go in this direction.


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