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From Nick Kew <>
Subject Re: AddOutputFilterByType oddness
Date Wed, 22 Sep 2004 17:17:34 GMT
On Wed, 22 Sep 2004, Justin Erenkrantz wrote:

> --On Wednesday, September 22, 2004 5:01 PM +0100 Nick Kew <>
> wrote:
> > I've said it before and I'll say it again: AddOutputFilterByType is
> > fundamentally unsatisfactory.  This confusion is an effect, not cause.
> Suffice to say, I disagree.
> > * Configuration is inconsistent with other filter directives.  The
> >   relationship with [Set|Add|Remove]OutputFilter is utterly unintuitive
> >   and, from a user POV, broken.
> I think it's really clear from the user's perspective.  I think the problem
> comes in on the developer's side.

It seems to me heavily counterintuitive that mixing ByType directives
with anything else means that the ByType filters *always* come last.
And that Remove won't affect them, but will affect others.

> > * Tying it to ap_set_content_type is, to say the least, hairy.
> >   IMO we shouldn't *require* modules to call this, and it's utterly
> >   unreasonable to expect that it will never be called more than once
> >   for a request, given the number of modules that might take an interest.
> >   Especially when subrequests and internal redirects may be involved.
> We have *always* mandated that ap_set_content_type() should be called rather
> than setting r->content_type.  (I wish we could remove content_type from
> request_rec instead.)

Indeed.  But that doesn't prevent it being called multiple times, perhaps
from different modules.  So using it to insert filters leaves lots of
potantial for trouble.

> > * It's a complexity just waiting for modules to break on it.
> Anything that depends upon content-type like this is going to be hairy because
> there may be several 'right' answers during the course of the request.

Indeed.  mod_filter addresses this by configuring at the last moment,
so any earlier set_content_type()s are irrelevant.  I don't suppose it's
a panacaea for everything, but I do think it's a significant improvement
on what we have.

> > I've made some more updates to mod_filter since I last posted on the
> > subject, and I'm getting some very positive feedback from real users.
> > For 2.2 I'd like to remove AddOutputFilterByType entirely, replacing
> > it with mod_filter.
> I've yet to see a clear and concise statement as to how mod_filter will solve
> this problem in a better and more efficient way.  (Especially from a user's
> perspective, but also from a developer's perspective.)

>From the user's perspective, it's simply more powerful and flexible.
Works with any request or response headers (not just content-type) or
environment variables.  Gets rid of constraints on ordering, like
AddOutputFilterbyType filter always coming after other filters
regardless of ordering in httpd.conf.

Example: I have a user who wants to insert mod_deflate in a reverse
proxy, but only for selected content-types AND not if the content
length is below a threshold.  How would he do that with the old filter

>From a developers perspective, I wrote it for myself, and have at least
two other developers using it operationally in their product.  Time will
tell what others may use it for.

> I will also comment that I looked in the mod_filter code the other day and was
> disappointed that it doesn't follow our coding style at all or even have
> comments that help people understand what it is trying to do inside the .c
> file.

When was that?  I made quite a lot of updates to the style towards
conforming (like eliminating tabs and realigning some braces) before
committing to CVS, but I'm willing to believe I need to look more

Nick Kew

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