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From "Manos Moschous" <>
Subject transcode data before them are sent back to client...
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2004 10:04:25 GMT

I am very new in this field and i need some directions.
What am i want to do is to change the mod_proxy, so as i say in the subject
to transcode(i have the code for the transcoding)
the data in the proxy (mod_proxy) module before them are sent back to

Client ---> PROXY ---> SERVER

So, i need to know where exactly(inside the code of proxy_http.c) the data
are recieved(for example the index.html), before they send back to the
Do the module store the data somewhere temporarily(in a file) or send them
immediately to the client?
I think that everything is happening in the ap_proxy_http_process_response()
Is it right...?

Could anybody give some directions?

Thanks in advance!

Manos Moschous

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