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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject Re: [PATCH 21492 30278 30419 31385] Several bugs in mod_cache / mod_disk_cache
Date Tue, 28 Sep 2004 16:34:14 GMT
--On Tuesday, September 28, 2004 5:28 PM +0200 Rüdiger Plüm 
<> wrote:

> starting with Apache 2.0.50 I tried to use mod_cache / mod_disk_cache to
> cache
> responses from a Tomcat in the backend on the front web server. Several bugs
> (most in mod_disk_cache) prevented me from doing so in a straight forward
> manner. So I wrote some patches that fixed these issues and wrote appropriate
> bug reports / added comments to existing bug reports in bugzilla. The bug
> numbers are

As you've probably figured out, we're only recently taking a look at fixing 
mod_cache in an effort to get it out of experimental.  Some of these bugs you 
list below are already fixed.  As for the others, I'll give some brief 
comments on...

> 21492

Patch looks fine.  Will commit some variant of it soon-ish.

> 30278

There's a slightly better way to do this, but the general concept is right.  I 
have *no* idea what the original code was trying to do.  It was just wrong 
(which is typical for *so* much of mod_cache).

Will commit some variant of it soon-ish.

> 30419

This has been fixed with the recent Expires handling fixes.  I have no idea 
what made it into 2.0.52 though...

> 31385

This was also fixed with the recent Expires handling fixes.

(Try httpd HEAD snapshots of mod_cache and friends to get these fixes.)

> 23687/30399 which is more an Enhancement than a bug.

As for the patch that you do have, a better way to implement it is to have a 
3-state variable: UNSET|OFF|ON.  We use that idiom a lot.  It's better than 
adding two variables.  Care to update your patch?

Also, I'm wondering if we should extend this directive to be more general: 
i.e. a 'CacheIgnoreHeader' directive?  What do you think?

I want to thank you *so* much for summarizing these bugs.  ;-)  I just don't 
have the time to search through Bugzilla.  If you are aware of any other 
mod_cache bugs, please bring them up on dev@httpd.  Thanks!  -- justin

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