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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apr/network_io/win32 sendrecv.c
Date Thu, 23 Sep 2004 20:18:48 GMT
At 02:37 PM 9/23/2004, Allan Edwards wrote:

>This question is going to come up again so it's good to get agreement
>before I make many more commits. The IA64 Windows httpd build spits out
>a large number of warnings, over 500, and a fair number of these come
>from int/size_t mismatches. Apparently other 64 bit compilers
>aren't as picky as the MS compiler, since I haven't seen anyone else
>complaining about this. They seem to reasonably assume that we aren't
>going to have strings >4Gig long.

However, they have qword ints and qword size_t's.  The only difference
is that size_t is unsigned.  As I mentioned before, on IA64 the int
remained a dword, the size_t is a qword.

>The general approach I have been taking is changing locally declared
>int's to apr_size_t where feasible but I have avoided changing int's
>to apr_size_t in public structures.

I think that's wrong.  Structures which represent the size
in memory of an object (string or whatnot) should be size_t.

>Changing public structures may ripple through other code
>and brings up concerns about MMN bumps.

There are no concerns with MMN bumps until we consider backporting
this support to 2.0.  Because IA64/win64 support is new, please
don't dwell on httpd-2.0, but let's focus on making 2.1-dev typesafe.

If we have a structure member change in APR 1.0 that's a little bit
more serious, we can discuss it when it comes up.


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