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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Time for 2.0.51 and 2.1.0
Date Thu, 02 Sep 2004 16:09:44 GMT
At 09:25 AM 9/2/2004, Henri Gomez wrote:
>Bad news for me and many others since without AJP support included in
>2.0.x, users will still require to have mod_jk to link there HTTPD to
>Could we hope the dev team to relax the situation for mod_proxy/ajp in
>future 2.0.x release, since Graham, Mladen and Jean-Frederic works
>hard to make mod_proxy as stable as possible even now with AJP support

Henri, meaning no disrespect to this team (they have accomplished some
fantastic things) ... it took us a very long time to beyond the initial
release to get proxy to something resembling the stability of 1.3, and
mod_cache is still getting there.

Admins understand why n.x -> (n+1).0 can sometimes break things.
That's the natural aversion to .0 releases.  They can even understand
if n.x.z -> n.(x+1).0 breaks things.  But please don't expect them
to sympathize when n.x.z -> n.x.(z+1) starts breaking things, this
undermines the confidence in one of the most successful open source
projects in the world.

When we say x.even releases are -stable- we mean, don't expect things
to break when you upgrade.  When we say x.odd releases are development,
that means ya - it might break on a point bump, live with it and let
us know so the subsequent x.even release is golden.

We are trying to move from the 1.3 and early 2.0 models of change 
this, dabble in that, add this, break that and keep the users 
chasing a moving target.  The beginnings of the 2.0 release were
pretty violent in terms of the changes needed to move from 2.0.36 
to 2.0.39 to 2.0.43, and it didn't do alot for us in terms of
uptake for the httpd-2 server.  Since .43 the consistency has
changed alot - and we want to continue to improve the quality,
and not introduce potentially shaky changes.

You have a simple option though - grab 2.0.  Replace the modules/proxy/
tree with 2.1-dev and voila - buildconf - configure - make install.
Or use 2.1-dev and help the effort of identifying when 2.1-dev reaches
release quality.  Mladen provided both alternatives in the current mod.


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