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From Garrett Rooney <>
Subject Re: Bundling APR in 2.2
Date Thu, 16 Sep 2004 17:19:23 GMT
Nick Kew wrote:
> On Thu, 16 Sep 2004, Paul Querna wrote:
>>In most of the Apache 2.0.XX releases, we have been using a CVS snapshot
>>of APR and APR-Util.
>>I would like to make it an official policy that for the 2.2 cycle, we
>>will never use a CVS snapshot of APR.
> That makes httpd releases (relatively frequent) hostage to APR releases
> (extremely infrequent) when we need a bugfix in CVS.  Is that acceptable?

So have one of the many APR developers on the HTTPD team roll an APR 
release if you need a fix.  There is absolutely zero reason that APR 
releases need to be infrequent.  Don't make one problem (totally random 
versions of APR being distributed out into the wild) worse in an attempt 
to avoid another problem (infrequent APR releases).  Just fix the second 
problem and be done with it.

Having HTTPD ship CVS snapshots of APR is inexcusable.  There's no 
reason that HTTPD is special, it should be using released versions just 
like everyone else.


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