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From David Burry <>
Subject Re: Removing the Experimental MPMs in 2.2?
Date Sat, 04 Sep 2004 00:13:42 GMT
Whether labeled "experimental" or not, it's always been very confusing 
to me that the release ("stable") branch has modules in it that 
developers know don't work at all and therefore should not ever be 
attempted to be used by any ordinary user in any way whatsoever...

Therefore I agree, "stable branch, experimental directory" shouldn't be 
a place for "known completely hosed and unusable" modules, it should be 
a place for "seems to work fine for me, see how it works for you, but 
this is pretty new and not necessarily as well tested in production on 
every platform yet so use at your own risk" modules.  The "broken and 
not yet finished enough for anyone to ever think about using yet even on 
an experimental basis" modules should only be available in the "dev 
branch, experimental directory" at least until someone believes they 
work for at least some people on some platform.


Paul Querna wrote:

> - leader
> - perchild
> - threadpool
>My personal feeling is to *not* include them in the 2.2 branch at this

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