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From André Malo>
Subject Re: Bug 31126: Reiser4
Date Thu, 09 Sep 2004 06:11:00 GMT
* Rici Lake <> wrote:

> Basically, ap_directory_walk will, under certain circumstances, attempt 
> to read an .htaccess file from a complete filepath; that is, given the 
> path /path/to/file, it will *also* try /path/to/file/.htaccess. This is 
> not because it has been lied to by the filesystem; it does this to 
> avoid excess calls to lstat() when it thinks it can get away with it.
> ap_parse_htaccess compensates for this by treating ENOTDIR as though it 
> were ENOENT. The filesystems I have kicking around all seem to return 
> ENOTDIR in this case, but apparently Reiser4 returns EACCES. I don't 
> think this is "wrong" -- others may disagree -- but returning a 
> security violation rather than revealing the (non)existence of a 
> resource is a common approach.

SUSv3/POSIX disagrees as well. So I think, Mr. Reiser should just fix,
what's broken. It's not such an uncommon case to test an arbitrary file
path, if it's possible to open it.
Actually, it's *the best* way to handle file opening (trying to open and
look what error it gave). EACCES is just the wrong error, because it has
different semantics.

> Given the semantics of the Reiser4 
> filesystem, it is possibly even a reasonable choice. In any event, 
> trying to interpret the precise semantics of error returns from random 
> filesystems is a mug's game.

POSIX exists. You might also want to look into open(2).

> It is worth noting that in the particular circumstances which give rise 
> to this error, ap_directory_walk could tell if the path refers to a 
> directory or a file; it should be possible to avoid walking too far, 
> although there may well be edge cases I haven't thought of. 

-> Race condition.

> Alternatively, of course, ap_parse_htaccess could simply regard *any* 
> error as equivalent to the non-existence of the .htaccess file.

-> Broken behaviour and very dangerous. (Consider authentication stuff in
the file)


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