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From "V. T. Mueller, Continum" <>
Subject [feature request] defaultports directive for improved loadbalancing/NAT support
Date Fri, 03 Sep 2004 14:14:35 GMT
Hello all,

For security and loadbalancing reasons we have certain apaches running 
behind a loadbalancer that does NAT. For better host security, the
user is not root and has httpd listen >1023. This setup is broken by
mod_dir behaviour when "fixing" omitted trailing slashes. Example: -> [NAT to] -> mod_dir creates 301 -> \ ->X *poof*

An easy workaround is to re-#define the default port which is not
inserted in the redirect path. An additional directive for the purpose
of defining one or more ports to be left out of constructing "self-
targeted" redirects would be a nifty feature, though.

From what I saw in a glimpse, there could be two ways for that:
adding somwhat like DefaultPorts or tweaking UseCanonicalName .

Basically, I´m happy with my hardcoded default beyond 1023 but thought
maybe you´d be interested in adding a small feature to make other
users of loadbalancers happy :-)


PS: I´m dealing with 1.3.31 but think it´s the same with 2.x, too.
V. T. Mueller
Continum AG
Wentzinger Strasse 7a
79106 Freiburg i. Br.
Tel.: +49 761 479409 70
Fax.: +49 761 479409 33

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