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From Paul Querna <>
Subject Removing the Experimental MPMs in 2.2?
Date Fri, 03 Sep 2004 03:25:23 GMT
Do we want to include the experimental MPMs in the 2.2 GA Branch?

Currently the MPMs in server/mpm/experimental are:
 - leader
 - perchild
 - threadpool

I hope to add the 'event' MPM to this list soon, but I have been
distracted rewriting apr_pollset to better work with multiple threads.
(IE making pollset_{add(),remove()} threadsafe...)

My personal feeling is to *not* include them in the 2.2 branch at this
time.  If any of the experimental MPMs are improved to a state we feel
they can be tested, then lets put them back in the GA branch, in the
experimental directory.  If after more testing in the GA branch they
prove stable, we can then take them out of experimental.

Using perchild as an example, many users see that it is available in 2.0
and try it out. They then complain and make silly posts on Slashdot when
it doesn't work. Why include these MPMs if no one is actively working on
or supporting them?  It doesn't make sense for the 'Stable Branch' to
include them at all.

Any other opinions about not including these MPMs?

-Paul Querna

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