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From Rici Lake <>
Subject Re: Bug 31126: Reiser4
Date Thu, 09 Sep 2004 16:12:25 GMT
I want to make it clear here that I have never used Reiser4, so on a 
personal level the issue is somewhat academic.

On 9-Sep-04, at 1:11 AM, André Malo wrote:

> SUSv3/POSIX disagrees as well. So I think, Mr. Reiser should just fix,
> what's broken. It's not such an uncommon case to test an arbitrary file
> path, if it's possible to open it.

So, Apache is only going to work on POSIX systems, you're saying?

Even under POSIX, there are cases where this particular piece of error 
analysis could fail. For example, the redundant open on 
pathname/.htaccess could return ENAMETOOLONG even though pathname was 
within limits and names a regular file. (Admittedly, that is a 
pathological case, but...)

> EACCES is just the wrong error, because it has different semantics.

I tend to agree, but it's not totally clear. Reiser4's files can also 
function as directories, so ENOTDIR is incorrect. ENOENT seems like a 
reasonable choice, but POSIX also mandates the return of EACCES instead 
of ENOENT if search permissions are not present. I don't know enough 
about the Reiser filesystem to know how one specifies search 
permissions on a file which can also be a directory.

>> It is worth noting that in the particular circumstances which give 
>> rise
>> to this error, ap_directory_walk could tell if the path refers to a
>> directory or a file; it should be possible to avoid walking too far,
>> although there may well be edge cases I haven't thought of.

> -> Race condition.

What about just changing line 930 of server/request.c from

            if (r->finfo.filetype

            if (r->finfo.filetype && *r->path_info

All that will do is not optimise on the last segment; I don't see how 
not performing the optimization could create a race condition that 
didn't already exist.

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