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From "Brad Nicholes" <>
Subject Re: New Mod_Proxy - some testing/looking
Date Fri, 13 Aug 2004 21:55:25 GMT
   From what I can see, there seems to be a parameter mismatch for the
scheme_handler hook.  For example, the scheme_handler
ap_proxy_connect_handler() is defined as:

int ap_proxy_connect_handler(request_rec *r, proxy_server_conf *conf, 
                             char *url, const char *proxyname, 
                             apr_port_t proxyport)

but the scheme_handler hook is defined as:

APR_DECLARE_EXTERNAL_HOOK(proxy, PROXY, int, scheme_handler,
(request_rec *r, 
                          proxy_worker *worker, proxy_server_conf
*conf, char *url, 
                          const char *proxyhost, apr_port_t

notice the difference in the parameter lists.  The declaration has  6
parameters and the actual handler only has 5.  The handler is missing
proxy_worker * as the second parameter.  How does this compile or even
work on any platform? 


Brad Nicholes
Senior Software Engineer
Novell, Inc., the leading provider of Net business solutions 

>>> Friday, August 13, 2004 1:37:16 PM >>>
At 04:58 AM 8/13/2004, NormW wrote:
>Good evening Bill, All...
>> Please direct these comments to - b.t.w., you
>> can check out the latest httpd-2.0 HEAD and pick up the entire
>> solution (you must explicitly --enable-proxy-ajp and have the
>> sources there too.)
>> Someone want to take a wack at NormW's observations?
>Bill, thanks for the interest...
>I can say that the 'problem' noted in proxy_ftp.c has been attended
with a
>recent update from Mladen.
>A build on the current 2.1 CVS shows (for NetWare):
>- mod_proxy.c having trouble finding mod_status.h   (in
>- the same problem mentioned previously with proxy_connect.c, (Errors
at 375
>see 26, 80)
>Bypassing these I now get:
>Calling NWGNUproxyftp
>Generating Release\proxyftp_cc.opt
>Compiling proxy_ftp.c 
>Compiling proxy_util.c
>Compiling ../arch/netware/libprews.c
>Generating Release\proxyftp_link.opt
>Linking Release/proxyftp.nlm
>### mwldnlm Linker Error:
>#   Undefined symbol: 'ap_proxy_ssl_enable'
>#   referenced from 'ap_proxy_connection_create' in proxy_util.o
>### mwldnlm Linker Error:
>#   Undefined symbol: 'ap_proxy_ssl_disable'
>#   referenced from 'ap_proxy_connection_create' in proxy_util.o
>As noted above, this is on a NetWare build...

It's expected because the netware gurus haven't had a chance to
catch up.  Please quit using tomcat-dev already - final warning;
ignoring future posts to there in order to enforce posting future
proxy patches/comments to ;-)

I suspect Netware didn't grok that those symbols were local/global
as required?


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