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From Dan Wilga <>
Subject Suggestion: log request when it happens
Date Tue, 03 Aug 2004 14:19:23 GMT
The information contained in the access log can be quite useful in 
tracking down problems. However, because the log entry is created 
only after all output has been sent to the client, there is a problem 
I sometimes run into:

If the child process creating the output (like a CGI script) dies 
unexpectedly with a core dump, there is no access log entry at all. 
There is usually an error log entry, but that's just the stderr of 
the problem, which is nowhere near as useful as the actual request 

Now, obviously, some log info (number of bytes transferred, status 
code) can't be logged until after the child has sent the data. So, 
what I propose, is a new option to log each request as it arrives, in 
addition to the way it works now.

What would actually be most useful is if this was entered into the 
error log. That way, one could easily see what request produced the 
given stderr output. As it is right now, any system-level error 
messages produced by the script are simply appended, without 
timestamp or other relevant info. Having the option to add the 
request log entry would serve as a marker for each bit of stderr 

I did try "LogLevel debug", but that doesn't produce the needed info.

Dan Wilga                               
Web Technology Specialist           
Mount Holyoke College                                Tel: 413-538-3027
South Hadley, MA  01075            "Who left the cake out in the rain?"

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