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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject pre_mpm hook, module-created child processes which need to access the scoreboard and config
Date Tue, 17 Aug 2004 10:19:48 GMT
a module which creates child processes which access the scoreboard
must create that child in the pre_mpm hook, since that is the hook
where the scoreboard is created
(it must be hooked after the core's pre_mpm hook so that the
scoreboard has already been created)

but this hook isn't called on graceful restart, so a module doesn't
have the opportunity to fork a new child to pick up a changed
configuration; the scoreboard itself isn't a problem since it doesn't
change, but the module's own configuration changes won't be known and
if the module's child process is using ThreadsPerChild or MaxClients
or other scoreboard-related values which could be changed across
restart, then it is hosed

if a module could determine if the server is gracefully restarting,
then it could use some combination of post-config and pre-mpm hooks
for creating the child process in order to pick up config changes
whether or not the scoreboard changes
(in post-config hook, if this is graceful restart then replace the old
child process with a new one to pick up the new config; otherwise, do
that in the pre-mpm hook since we have to wait until the scoreboard is

it seems simpler to pass a flag to pre-mpm hook to tell it whether or
not the scoreboard should be replaced; the hook to replace the
scoreboard will look at the flag to know when to be a no-op

are there other problematic use cases which involve the pre-mpm hook
and need to be addressed?

any other comments?

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