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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: Bugzilla Requests
Date Tue, 31 Aug 2004 00:08:19 GMT

On Mon, 30 Aug 2004, Paul Querna wrote:
> 1) Upgrade Bugzilla a newer version.  We currently have 2.14.2
> installed.  2.16.6 is the latest stable release of Bugzilla (They are
> doing Release Canidates of 2.18.X right now too!).  It has nice things,
> like a NEEDINFO state, so we can mark bugs that need feedback as such,
> instead of leaving them as NEW.  This is a critical problem with the
> current bugzilla. Hundreds of bugs are left in the NEW state when we are
> waiting for Feedback.  This needs to be changed, even if we cannot
> upgrade Bugzilla.

The current bugzilla install is falling apart.  It needs to be completely 
redone on a new machine.  There is some hope that the spamassassin people 
might help with this, since they are bugzilla experts.  But we also need 
to have a new machine for it.

In short, this is a known problem, but it is not going to be solved 
quickly because it is complicated.

As far as NEEDINFO, we can add a NEEDINFO keywork if you want.  That would 
get almost the same effect.

> 2) Add More Components to Bugzilla.  Here is my list of components I
> would like to see added for our Project:
>  - Windows Installer
>  - Windows Build
>  - mod_disk_cache
>  - Default Configuration (Lots of requests for Add XXX Language or
> comment XXXX out in the Default httpd.conf)
>  - Apache Bench / ab

I have the rights to do this.  I'll try to get to it soon.

> 3) Rename Some Components to be have a consistant naming style:
>  - worker -> mpm_worker
>  - prefork -> mpm_prefork
>  - perchild -> mpm_perchild
>  - support -> Support Utilities
>  - Build -> Unix Build

This is rather difficult to do in bugzilla, I believe.


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