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From Nick Kew <>
Subject Re: POST without Content-Length
Date Sat, 07 Aug 2004 17:14:37 GMT
On Sat, 7 Aug 2004, Justin Erenkrantz wrote:

> That's a slightly different story.  2.1 has the fix for this (proxy_http.c
> r1.166), but it never got back ported to 2.0.

We have a lot of proxy updates in 2.1, which are presumably getting
test-driven over time.  How would one go about proposing a wholesale

> 2.0's STATUS says:
>  * Rewrite how proxy sends its request to allow input bodies to
>    morph the request bodies.  Previously, if an input filter
>    changed the request body, the original C-L would be sent which
>    would be incorrect.

This is basically the same as an output filter changing the
content-length.  In the 2.0 architecture, the filter must take
responsibility for not sending a bogus length.  The only difference
is that Connection: close is an option in output.

>    Due to HTTP compliance, we must either send the body T-E: chunked
>    or include a C-L for the request body.  Connection: Close is not
>    an option. [jerenkrantz    2002/12/08 21:37:27]
>    +1: stoddard, striker, jim
>    -1: brianp (we need a more robust solution than what's in 2.1 right now)
>        jerenkrantz (should be fixed, but I don't have time to do this)
> At this date (about 20 months later), I have no earthly idea what was
> wrong.  But, I'd suggest trying httpd-2.0 HEAD (aka httpd-2.1) and see if
> that fixes it.  Perhaps someone can remember why I agreed with Brian and
> what I never fixed...  ;-)  -- justin

Hmmm, did your fix merely chunk content, or compute C-L, or was it smart
enough to do the Right Thing according to whether the backend is
HTTP/1.1[1],  whether the content is short enough to fit in one heap
bucket, or whatever other criteria might be applied?

[1] Presumably we can only assume HTTP/1.1 backend in a controlled -
reverse proxy - case, and where the admin has configured it?

Nick Kew

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